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Summer <3


Gilly’s Summer 2013 Lookbook is online! Love some of the new stuff we have. Graphic tees designed by yours truly :) SHOPSHOPSHOP!

So I can buy more undies, bras, sports wear, comfy clothes, pjs, and perfume. 


Ray J | One Wish
Raydiation (2005) 

Smells good.

Turns out I borrowed my coworker’s lotion and I walked in at an awkward lunch. I couldn’t really keep a serious conversation cause all I could remember was that smell. I thought it was the girl across from me and wanted to ask what lotion/perfume she uses. Lol turned out it was me the entire time.

No need for nervous sweat…

When a ten year old tells you to shut up and deal with your emotional problems and take note of it.

Ten year olds keeping it real!!!!


Grunge Blog†♡

Dory. 20 . California. Disney Girl, Gilly Hicks Girl. Center Marimba for Sac State. Filipino.

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